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Our Land of Wine and Cava



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Our growing area of sparkling wines and chardonnay means south of the province of Barcelona , Spain. It is the main production area with an altitude of between 200 and 500 meters above sea level. It is located to the southeast and has good sun exposure and an excellent environment for maturation. Our land is rich in phosphorus, low potassium and 20% limestone on average.

In the lower areas, most soils are sandy clayey reaching, with up to 20% of carbonates, deep, whereas in the highest, soils are calcareous.

Our love for our land, leads us to respect and care for her. That at the time of harvest we return the best of it.

Also in the region of the priory we have a small production of old vines over 100 years where our red wine gran reserva “Ganes Viure born, like all crops priory are limited to the production itself, which is done on earth most limestone with slate on slate terraces (large steps) giving touch alcohol and flavor of the rocky area.

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